Sharon Blake

Sharon Blake

About Sharon

About Sharon

"Sharon Blake is a Huffington Post Contributor, Best Selling Author of 4 books; Chronicles of Pain: Leaving the Pain of the Past Behind, 20 Beautiful Women Vol 2, The Thought Detox: Breaking Free from a Negative Thought Life, and I Am Beautiful: The Evolution of Beauty. . Sharon knows first-hand that writing promotes a healthy thought life. She has overcome some major barriers in her life, such as homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence. Her passion for starting her own publishing company flourished because she desired to participate in the healing process through the sharing of one's story."


About Stacey

"Stacey Robinson is from Toronto, Canada, with an academic background in writing, editing, music (piano), media/communications, and publishing, Stacey Marie Robinson directs the activities and operation of Kya Publishing, including the creation, promotion, and production of her novels—the Urban Toronto Tales collection—along with the Journal of Canadian Urban Fiction, the Kya Keys Book Donation Program (in support of urban literacy)"

Stacey Marie Robinson


About Kamari

"Operating with the belief that everything she creates is intended to foster understanding of self and surroundings, Kamari Bright is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work heavily reflects those themes. She has been writing poetry since age nine and uses writing as the inspiration for all her other creations."

Kamari Bright


Nyree Ausler


About Nyree

"NyRee Ausler is a novelist, born in San Bernardino, California but was raised and resides in Seattle, WA. NyRee is an ambitious self-published author with her first two releases, 'Retribution, What Goes Around' and 'Retribution, Comes Around' in the urban fiction genre.

NyRee is a mother, sister, daughter, wife, a career woman, an entrepreneur, a business partner and a student of life! Through all of her life experiences, both positive and negative, NyRee exemplifies growth.

A passionate writer with a keen eye for detail and a natural curiosity, NyRee desires to build the reader's mind, imagination and allow discovery of new things. Described as an eloquent storyteller with a relentless dedication to executing whatever she puts her mind to, she has already become an Amazon bestseller and favorite!"

About James

"James D. Macon is a Pediatrician who lives and works in Washington State with his family. Although he spends most of his time caring for others, he also has a strong desire to share his stores. 'Purveyors and Acquirers', his first published work is a YA/Adult Fantasy novel the first book in The Phosfire Journeys series."

James D. Macon


Omari Amilli


About Omari

"Omari Amili is a 32 year old father of 6 who came from a very disadvantaged background. He attended over 15 schools before ultimately dropping out. After becoming a dropout he got involved in a bank fraud scheme that landed him in prison on 30 felony convictions. 

Upon his release from prison in 2008, Omari decided to utilize post-secondary education as a tool to turn his life around. He gradually climbed higher earning an AA, then two BAs, and in 2016 he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Community & Social change. While in grad school, Omari began writing the recently published book "Transforming Society's Failure".

During Omari's academic journey he has persevered through the tragic losses of his step-dad, his mother, his father, and his older sister and he is currently on a mission to make them proud by uplifting others from disadvantaged backgrounds. Omari is doing just that as a faculty member and R.I.S.E. case manager with South Seattle College."

About Deon

"Native to Seattle Washington, Deon Abdullah served in the United States Air Force from 2009-2015 earning two associate degrees in criminal justice. 

His debut book, "Wake Up" explores different perspectives in the African American community both inside and outside. Living in different environments Deon was able to acquire an in-depth understanding on the different philosophies, ideologies and cultures of different sub groups within the African American community. These different views tied in with the lack of business and real state ownership creates obstacles in the progression of Blacks."

Deon Abdullah


About Jamar

"My name is JaMar Taylor and I am from the state of Washington. I am an 9 year old boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. I wrote a children's book and am in the process of having it illustrated.

This is an All About Me book in which the reader gets to guess which facts are true or fiction. My book is full of humor and imagination, along with some personal facts about me."

Jamar Taylor


Tyrome Lee Jr.


About Tyrome

"Tyrome Lee, Jr. is a former gang member, drug dealer, recovering alcoholic, and a convicted felon. After years of mayhem, heartache, pain, and experiencing a continual spiral of negativity, he began to make the necessary changes in his life. He is now an active father, husband, and has been in sobriety for 13 years.


Tyrome always succeeded in academics and has returned to school to pursue his academic journey. His aim was to help those in need and to give back to the community he loved, and was once a part of. Tyrome received his Bachelors Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences and is currently attending the University of Washington's School of Social Work to earn his Masters, with a concentration in Multigenerational Practice.


Tyrome aspires to work on policy change which addresses social justice issues that affect minority communities. Tyrome has spent 5 years as a Chemical Dependency Professional and Case Manager at a non-profit, intensive outpatient facility, the Matt Talbot Center. Tyrome assists men whom are struggling with addiction and homelessness, restore their lives.


Tyrome uses his street knowledge and education to network with diverse groups of individuals within the community in an effort to build bridges with those who truly want to effectuate change. He has participated in various workshops and seminars that focus on undoing institutional racism, while advocating for social justice. While this may be his first published book, he has several unpublished works that he intends to release in the future. "Game Crazy: Part One - Generations" is the first of many books from Tyrome."

Infinite Milam


About Infinite

"Infinite is a multi-disciplinary Healing Artist, Transformation Coach, Activist and Educator.  She has traveled the world with the sacred intention of exploring the human experience, accessing wisdom & tools to facilitate change that promotes holistically well communities & earth for future generations.

As a literary and fine artist, Infinite walks the line between the mystical & the functional. Her mixed-media work is a visual commentary reflecting back the journey of life, in themes of creation, mysticism, celebration, self inquiry. Other subjects explore intercultural communication and social justice and propose new iconographies of peace. These explorations are represented through found objects, symbols, sacred geometry & archetypal figures.

A self taught artist, Infinite feels free from those rules, which would only be broken. She is inspired by textures that reflect nature, recycled or found materials & rich color.

Infinite is influenced by her travels, years of cross cultural studies amongst indigenous tribes & love of the natural world.

Her literary craft and mixed media art often collide, bringing learned wisdom teachings, poetry & quotes, to life.

Infinite’s intention is to evoke curiosity, inspire, uplift, and support the transformation of others through her art.

Her work is found in private collections in the Pacific Northwest."

Ashley McGirt


Ashley McGirt is a licensed mental health therapist and owner of A.M.C.S. LLC (Ashley McGirt Counseling and Services) based in Seattle, Washington. Not only does McGirt serve the Pacific Northwest, but she also offers remote services to those who are out of the country. McGirt has received a Masters of Social Work from the University of Washington. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in African American studies. Ashley is also actively pursuing a Doctoral degree. McGirt has an extensive amount of experience working with vulnerable populations, including work in prisons, medical and psychiatric hospitals, homeless shelters, and long term care settings. Despite her extensive work history McGirt is no stranger to traveling. In fact, to her peers she is mostly known as a world traveler. McGirt documents her travels and promotes the importance of healthy travel. As McGirt believes vacations are necessary, but no one should want a vacation from their life. McGirt is also a social justice advocate who is working toward destigmatizing mental illness, and reducing high rates of recidivism in American prisons. Her mission is to ensure all people are healed and live an abundant life. To find out more you can visit her website: where you can purchase her book or find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book retailers."

About Ashley

About Rasheeda

"Rasheedah Roberson was born and raised in Portland Oregon. The youngest of 4 siblings, she began writing poetry at the age of 11 and had her first poem published by the age of 12. Rasheedahs Influence's include Langston Hughes and Saul Williams, who inspired her to write about black love, black beauty, black struggle and black joy. With her first book 'Love Letter to the Black Man, Rasheedah aims to inspire and spread love with a romantic collection of poetry and art."

Rasheeda Roberson


Kiana Davis


About Kiana

Kiana Davis is an author, poet, performing artist and educator.  She has a heart for empowering youth in under-served communities.  She used to be one of them. The poetry Kiana writes today explores class, identity, gender norms, poverty and social justice. Kiana started writing poetry at the age of 12 to confront coming-to-age in a low-income neighborhood. She also found poetry to be a worthy tool in developing her identity as a young Black girl in America. Years later, Kiana is still writing her way through the conundrum of life and equipping others, especially local youth, to do the same. Her work has been published in the South Seattle Emerald and the Emerald Reflections; she’s organized, co-hosted or been the featured poet/performing artist in over a dozen poetry workshops, and is the recipient of various grants to support her writing endeavors. Kiana was commissioned to write a poem for the University of Washington’s Black Student Union in 2016. She was also selected to be apart of the 2016-2017 Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab, a program designed to cultivate participants’ skills as educators in concert with their skills as artists over an 8-month period. Recently, Kiana was awarded a 4Culture Arts Project grant that will allow her to publish 2 chapbooks of youth poetry in a project called Voices in the Shadows. Kiana has served as an educator in Washington State for the last 10 years. She has written 2 books of poetry titled Digging for Roots and From These Roots Up. Autographed copies of these books are available for purchase on Kiana’s website.

Kiana resides in Seattle, Washington."

Kia Storm 


About Kia

"Author Kai Storm is a new face in the Urban Literary world, has brought us shining jewels called Alani’s Bigger Hustle & Alani’s Hustle Gets Bigger. Kai was born in Panama in 1972 and came to New York in 1981 with her mother. She discovered her writing gift as a junior at Boys & Girls High School when an English teacher gave her an assignment to develop a story from just one paragraph and since then, her pen was hot. Thru the years, Kai continued to write any and everything not only to keep her gift alive but also for therapeutic reasons, either way her pen and paper kept her sane. In December 2007, Kai was working at a hospital as a temp and even though the assignment was over the first week of December the hospital kept her on for two more weeks just so that she would have money for Christmas presents but there was nothing for her to do during those two weeks so she decided to pen the first three chapters of Alani’s Bigger Hustle. Only after she submitted the first three chapters did she decide to write the rest of the book “just to see what I would do with it”, and when she pushed this out, it was nothing but fire! “This story literally lived inside of me since I was 12 years old, it grew up with me and I knew one day it would be out in the world for all to see, it just had too!” Kai was first signed to a publishing house in August 2008 and because she was so excited about the whole venture she never fully researched the company and the works they produced and because Kai had her own personal life issues, she never fully pushed for the book to be released. Once things in her life calmed down and she was ready to be published, in October 2010 she discovered the company was not all ready to put out her book and thru Author to Author connections that she made on Facebook, she found a publishing company that was not only ready, they couldn’t wait to sign her on. This company was Twenty First Street Urban Editing & Publishing, LLC and they along with Kai, brought Alani’s Bigger Hustle to life."

About Laticia

Laticia "Action" Jackson


"Laticia “Action” Jackson has been called one of the most dynamic and energetic personalities in the health promotion, body awareness, women’s health, fitness and personal development field. She’s a 2008 Fitness Olympian and 3-Time National Physique Committee (NPC) State Fitness Champion. Her discipline and love for population health has led her to creating an academic background that includes a Master’s Degree in Public Health (M.P.H), B.S. Degree in Exercise Physiology, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, Certified Master Level Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Loss Counselor and Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialists. 


She’s received both national and international recognition by being featured as a top-level athlete in over 20 health, fitness and wellness publications that has open doors for her to share he knowledge base with individuals across the world.  Her passion for transforming lives through health and wellness has led her to being the the guest go-to health & fitness expert for TV shows such as C.W. 31 Good Day Sacramento, Blab TV, Council on Aging, WEAR 3 Channel 3, Fitness Friday’s before the Steve Harvey in the Morning Show and many more.  She has taken her 16 years of experience in the health and fitness field and written eight wellness and fitness training books for those desiring to improve their quality of life from a holistic standpoint.   


Having survived a domestic violence attack, she utilizes her platform as a professional athlete and author to speak on the signs of domestic violence, and the importance of self-worth and self-respect. Action Jackson is a member of Delta Sigma Theta and loves giving back to her community. "

Gui Chevalier


About Gui

"Gui Jean-Paul Chevalier was born in the United States, in the city of Renton, Washington, in January, 1990. Though born in the state’s most populated county, he calls most memories home to his childhood residence on a 24-acre farm in Washington’s rural Whatcom County, just south of British Columbia, Canada.  The second born of three, son to a then homeschool teacher and stay at home mother, and a late-hour refinery worker, he spent his summer afternoons on the bike, racing around the property with his first brother Laurent, and to this day, spends his Sunday mornings at the pew. Though the artist mind was always there, It wasn’t until his High School years that more creative outlets became available. He joined the Mariner High School Chamber choir at age 17, and competed to win the Bronze award in 2007 at annual Fullerton College competition in Fullerton California.

At the fall of 2008, he would enroll at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, where he would join the Northwest University Eagle Debate team. Winning awards for competitive academic rigor, consecutively from 2010-2012, he quickly found a new love and appreciation for rhetoric and writing. After graduating with a Bachelors of art degree in Organizational Communication, he would start his career as an Assistant Debate Coach.

It was his love for debate, songwriting, and his involvement in activism that would be the three most striking endeavors of his life.

At the close of 2014, he would begin his participation in social activism, around issues of homelessness and racial injustice. In 2015 he would write his first newspaper article  for the award-winning Seattle publication, Real Change. 

In August of 2016, he released his first book, Radical Human: The Anthology, featuring 40 original poems. "

Jeffrey Lee Cheatham II


About Jeffrey

"Jeffrey L. Cheatham II was born on October 9th 1985, but he didn’t discover why until 1990. This was the year that his father introduced him to his favorite reading material, comics. Jeffrey immediately became fascinated with the creative worlds that comic books exposed him to. His favorite comics that he loved reading were Batman, Spiderman, & The Archie comic series. As a result of his love for comics, Jeffrey wanted to be a part of it by writing stories of his own. His passion for storytelling were evident to all those around him, even when he attended John Muir elementary school when every literary assignment he completed was in the form of a story or comic. As he entered high school, his desire to write became secondary to his athletic pursuits, due to the support shown to him for athletics versus his writing.


The desire for storytelling re-emerged for Jeffrey during his final year of college. When late one evening he watched his favorite childhood movie, The Lion King. That moment helped Jeffrey decide that he must be true to himself and return to his writing aspirations. What cemented Jeffrey decision to write again was the birth of his beautiful daughter. Jeffrey wanted to show her that you should never give up your dreams, even when the world tells you that you should. For the next 4 years, Jeffrey wrote movie scripts and struggle to find people to help him make the projects happen. One day, his daughter kept talking about dinosaur books and how she wanted one. Jeffrey drove down to a book store and they could not find a dinosaur book to buy.


His daughter was sad for not being able to find a dinosaur book, but this day served as the igniter for Jeffrey’s first book, “The Family Jones & The Eggs of Rex.” Jeffrey idea behind The Family Jones series as well as the message behind the books is captured in the tagline: Family is the magic we all can create. A lesson he wants to pass on to his daughter. His follow-up “Why is Jane so Mad?” tells the story of how kids deal with negative emotions. Jeffrey goals are to write and publish as many enjoyable stories as humanly possible. Jeffrey resides in Seattle, Washington where he plans create an atmosphere for people to always pursue their dreams with childlike ambition and imagination."

About Emily

"Seven years professional mental health counseling and ten years work in social services and health education led me to seek new ways to assist people in their health and healing journeys. I utilize natural alternative healing methods. I started Rose Quartz Counseling and Consulting in 2014. I practice a variety healing modalities including energy healing, healing touch therapies, movement therapy, and guided meditation.'

Emily Imani Rosequartz


Marcia Tate Arunga


About Marcia

"Marcia Tate Arunga is originally from Seattle, Washington USA. She is the author of the book entitled, The Stolen Ones and How They Were Missed, an allegorical tale about a girl who was stolen from her African home and was missed by her family and village. Marcia uses this book as a tool for explaining the power of the cultural context of stories. Since the publishing of this book, Marcia has used the story as a way to stage a play about the middle passage and the trans-Atlantic slave trade, including the staging of a middle school play intended for 7th graders in preparation for their scheduled curriculum on slavery. She also has used it for a Readers theatre that involve students and their families in developing their own stories and practice in literacy.

She lived in Kenya East Africa for more than a decade and after returning to the USA, she established experiential learning communities who engaged in global joint ventures. As the cofounder of Cultural Reconnection Delegations and AAKEWO, she led 75 African American women on delegations to Kenya to practice relationships of mutual empowerment. On the faculty at Seattle Central College, Marcia teaches in sociology and leadership. Marcia holds a BA in Sociology, Masters in Human Development, and PhD in Leadership and Change. Her doctoral thesis is entitled, Back to Africa in the 21st Century: A Narrative Analysis of African American Women. It contributes to the fields of Diaspora Studies, Women's Studies and Africana Studies and takes an innovative look at Diasporas and reconnections that influence the rapport between people in the Diaspora with their ancestral homelands. Marcia continues to reside in the Pacific Northwest with her family.

Cultural Reconnection Delegations consist of This deepens our understanding of the importance of reconnecting with our cultural heritage.  As the convener of a vision and planning team established in 2002 that subsequently formed 501c3 nonprofit organization called the African American Kenyan Women’s Interconnect (AAKEWO), ongoing high stakes joint ventures have been achieved."

About Kenneth

"Kenneth Thomas Sr. is from Jacksonville, FL and "Given Not Taken" is the title of his debut novel. Kenneth is married to his High school sweetheart of 34 years, is a father of three and has four grandchildren. Kenneth is an United States Army veteran and has carried these stories with him through out his entire life.

"I happened to have been tall enough and the right look at the time so I was blessed to modeled for a view years while living in Europe. 'Given Not Taken' is the first of a number of novels that I will be bringing to the world. I can't wait to share."

Kenneth Thomas Sr.


Natasha Rivers

About Natasha

Natasha Rivers is the author of three self-published books. She goes by the pen name Tash Creates for her children’s books: Damon and the Magic Christmas Tree and Damon and Milo. She goes by the pen name N. Marie for her romance novel: Love and Dance. Natasha was born and raised in Seattle and writes primarily for her niece and nephews. Natasha’s Instagram ID is Tashcreates4life. 

Natasha Rivers is the district Demographer for Seattle Public Schools. Dr. Rivers earned her doctorate in Geography/Demography from UCLA and completed two post-doctoral research associate appointments, one at the Minnesota Population Center (MPC) and the other at the University of Washington’s (UW) Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE). Natasha is a partner with Social Venture Partners (SVP) co-chairing Fast Pitch 2018, Leadership Tomorrow alum, and Co-Founder of Seattle Scene which is the premier online destination that connects professionals, connoisseurs, and explorers, to our city's dynamic social and entertainment scene. Visit to learn more.


About Christy

Christy Lynn Abram is an award-winning author and founder of Brown Girls Write--a self-care initiative aimed at helping women of color reflect, heal, and thrive through self-expression. In addition to her love of writing, Christy is a passionate advocate of expressive writing. For over a decade, Christy has dedicated her life to breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and self-care in communities of color. Her first book, "Little Miss Somebody," won Seattle Public Library's, "best youth fiction" award. Christy's sophomore book, "Nikki," will be released in fall of 2018."

Christy Lynn Abram


Trisha Perez

About Trisha

Trisha B. Perez is a humble wordsmith, creative enthusiast, wife, and mother of two children. She was born and raised in Southern California and now lives in Western Washington.  

Trisha wrote her first story when she was 7-years-old. When she was a teenager, she enjoyed writing poetry and freestyling (rapping) in cyphers. She spent the next ten years sharpening her communication in writing through journaling. Today, Trisha finds great joy in expressing her love of story through her children’s series, The Adventures of Josie & Bud™. 


Trisha has been the sole-member of Storm Praise Publishing, LLC since 2014. She uses her publishing business as a vehicle to create books for herself and other aspiring authors. Storm Praise Publishing has been a valuable platform for Trisha to pour into the literary industry in her own community and in communities around the world.

Chief Editor & Content Curator

About Gurpreet

Born and raised in California, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu always felt different from the other kids. With an insatiable appetite for reading and writing, Gurpreet would often find herself at the receiving end of a cold stare from one of her teachers – reprimanding her for working on literary ventures when she should have been paying attention. All those secretive moments spent scribbling paid off, however, and now Gurpreet is launching her debut novel “STORM”. In addition to being a highly accomplished writer, Gurpreet is a passionate businesswoman, holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Currently, she’s exploring other business opportunities that align with her mission and passion. Aside from fervently writing and building a business empire, Gurpreet can be found savoring the scents of her most recent kitchen-made delicacy or pumping away stress at the gym. Follow Gurpreet on Instagram @gurpreetksidhu316 to get the latest updates from her developments.

Gurpreet K. Sidhu


About Lenny

Leonard H. Williams III is also known as Lenny by his peers. He started to take writing seriously during his junior year in college, when his professor told him his creative writing was phenomenal and should be published. He’s a very spiritual and peaceful person who believes that nature, the night sky, and dreams inspire a majority of his work. As a creator, he loves studying the works of Joshua Leonard, Martellus Bennett, J.K. Rowling, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Maya Angelou, Walt Disney, and Nicholas Sparks. He credits them for consistently instilling magic, love, and wonder in their material and hopes to make an impact with his writing like them one day.

Lenny Williams 


About CJ

Author, poet, storyteller, singer, and songwriter, C.J. Dudley was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Writing his first song at the age of 14, for a group he was in, he quickly realized that he had a natural gift for writing. As he grew older, he worked tirelessly on honing his craft. As he continues to discover new creative writing avenues, he always reminds himself that the road to becoming a great writer, is paved one word at a time.

CJ Dudley


Erica M. Sandifer


About Erica

Erica M. Sandifer is an award winning author, who has been featured on the Mississippi bestsellers list in the Jackson Clarion Ledger. Her debut novel “Sunshine in the Delta” won the prestigious Black Caucus of The American Library Association eBook Fiction Award. In her book, Erica writes vividly about the colorful stories told to her from her Grandmother’s childhood in Money, Mississippi. Set in the rural Mississippi Delta, Erica gracefully details how a dysfunctional family, and an unorthodox friendship provide for more than a tribulant childhood. In the end, Neelya Jean learns that after life’s storms, there’s always better days. Erica is the daughter of Tracey Hunter, an English teacher, and Eric Cole, a radio personality. She credits her parents for nourishing her creative process. A graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, Erica currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama. Erica plans to continue to write books that exemplify how beautiful the Mississippi Delta is.  

Kamari Talley

About Kamari

Hello I am Kamari Talley. I’m a 24 year old Author/poet , motivational speaker , international basketball player ball player from Camden New Jersey. I am an empowerment based , feminist , lesbian. I have written 8 books empowerment on all topics , for all people . My  latest two are lgbt books for women , one poetry / prose called “Truth Is” and poetry book called “Woman to Woman”. I just was a featured author on a platform with other lgbt authors in honor of Audre Lorde for black gay pride in D.c on May , 24th, and another book expo on June 15th I was on a panel for authors who built a platform. I’m a very active author and motivational speaker. I also have a T-shirt line called “Undstoppable!” Because the only one stopping you , is you ! My books and information are on my website.


Kamari Talley

About Kamari

Hello I am Kamari Talley. I’m a 24 year old Author/poet , motivational speaker , international basketball player ball player from Camden New Jersey. I am an empowerment based , feminist , lesbian. I have written 8 books empowerment on all topics , for all people . My  latest two are lgbt books for women , one poetry / prose called “Truth Is” and poetry book called “Woman to Woman”. I just was a featured author on a platform with other lgbt authors in honor of Audre Lorde for black gay pride in D.c on May , 24th, and another book expo on June 15th I was on a panel for authors who built a platform. I’m a very active author and motivational speaker. I also have a T-shirt line called “Undstoppable!” Because the only one stopping you , is you ! My books and information are on my website.


Derrick & Janice Parker


About Derrick & Janice 

If you were ever looking for a couple who would be the least likely to succeed in marriage, you can look no further than Derrick and Janice Parker.  Over the past 27 years, the couple has encountered many adversities while living out their “happily ever after.”  They were inspired to write a book, “Together on Purpose for Purpose” to share their story in hopes of inspiring others who may feel all hope is lost for their marriage.  

In the newly released book, Together on Purpose for Purpose, Derrick and Janice share their very transparent stories of divorce and remarrying, surviving betrayal, defeating infidelity, financial distress, surviving cancer and homelessness just to name a few, all with biblical principles as our foundation for triumphs.  

The couple recently founded “Purposeful Marriages,” sharing their story as ambassadors for Christ, bringing hope and inspiration to marriages and relationships around the world.  Derrick and Janice know first-hand the power of God’s reconciliation and have begun to spread the news that God is able to renew, restore, and reconcile relationships. Derrick and Janice believe that when God has purposed your marriage, nothing or no one can stand in the way of God’s plan.       

Derrick and Janice serve in leadership roles in their home church and are very active in their community.  The couple have three adult children, Quanisha, Derrick Jr. and Darius (Marissa) and two precious grandchildren, Mason and Layelle.  

Monica Williams


About Monica  

Let me introduce you to Monica Williams,

author of: “How I Loved God and Her: The Battle of the Heart”.Monica is a native of Baltimore, Maryland who now resides in the State of Pennsylvania. She is the founder and visionary of Women

Empowering Women to be Women of Truth. A vision inspired to empower women from various walks of life to be their authentic self. Monica earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Social Work, both from Millersville/Shippensburg University. She also studied at the Maryland Theological Seminary in Baltimore. Monica and her spouse have five children and two grandchildren and enjoy vacationing, cooking, watching movies, fellowshipping, and spending time with family and friends. Monica is always thinking of ways she can improve in her personal, professional, and spiritual life as she becomes the best version of herself in her quest to be the image of God in every way possible. One of her favorite scriptures is Luke 1:45, “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her”. Monica’s book is available at Amazon, BAM, and Barnes and Noble. Please contact Monica by email with any

comments. Monica Williams is available for any speaking engagements and meet and greets.

Quiana Childress


About Quiana 

Growing up impoverished from humble beginnings in rural Newport, Arkansas, Quiana has dealt with many challenges, including experiencing homelessness as a 16-year-old teen.

Determined that she would not be a “statistic,” she went on to become a 1st-generation college student & graduated in the top 1% of her university class. At her graduation ceremony, the 1st African-American former First Lady Michelle Obama singled Quiana out for her ability to overcome great adversity and still achieve high academic success.

As a serial social entrepreneur, it was Quiana’s challenges as a woman, teen and young adult that sparked her interest in working with these population groups. After realizing that couples who suffer from infertility had trouble accessing nursing care for at-home medication injections, she founded a private nursing company, Childress Nursing Services (CNS) to assist these struggling couples through this difficult process.

After establishing CNS and meeting people all over the globe, Quiana realized that many stories go untold or unrecognized. Her personal motto of “Helping People Heals Us” and dedication to “No Story Left Behind”, she recently founded the Https Company. HTTPS was established for Helping Through Telling People’s Stories via various media outlets. In fact, it was former First Lady Michelle Obama’s highlighting Quiana’s life struggles that helped her truly start the healing process from her past and gave her the courage to share her story through writing.

Her most recent poetry workbook, Powetry-Reclaim Your Power Thru Poetry and its world-renowned poem, “Ain’t I a Woman, Too?” resulted in her company being chosen to attend the Inaugural 2016 United State of Women Summit hosted by the White House for its work in furthering gender equality. Powetry, a self-help poetry workbook, continues to be described as thought-provoking, life-changing, and innovative with the ability to penetrate the soul. Quiana's poetic voice inspires the hearts of her readers, and Powetry will challenge you to improve your life by reclaiming your personal power.    

Seattle Urban Book Expo
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